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Happy Travelers Share Their Experiences

I have been traveling with Backroad Tours for at least 4 years. I have NEVER once had a bad experience! Angie is very organized, has great communication skills and is so wonderful to be around. My husband and I started touring with Backroad Tours and now I travel alone.
Angie always looks after me and makes sure that I am having a great time! I selfishly hate to recommend Backroad Tours and give them a 5 star rating, because I don’t want anyone to take a spot away from me!

Susan B.

Took the wine tour and dinner cruise and loved it. Angie was a great host and the bus was clean and comfortable. Angie led us to the end. I would recommend this trip for anyone who just wants a day get away or it would be perfect for any celebration!
Thanks Angie for a wonderful day.

Gail L.

We went on the The Walking Dead tour and it was great. The tour was very well organized and a good value for all that was included. Angie does a great job and is very professional! I cant imagine how much planning is involved in setting up a tour like this for a larger group of people. Our trip went smoothly and was a success. We will definitely be checking out some other tours too.

Heather H.

We went on the Amish and Crocket tour it was a wonderful trip well planned and made some new friends along the way, loved our sweet tour guide and the ride was comfortable and we had an awesome time! I’ve already purchased more trips!

Melissa G.

I just got home from the Biltmore Estate Christmas Trip 2022. Angie goes above and beyond to be sure every last detail is taken care of for her clients. The bus and driver: excellent. The hotel and restaurants: excellent. Her planning: excellent. She has patience with all of us and our numerous questions. She makes sure everyone feels welcome and included in the group. I had a really fun, memorable trip, and look forward to going with Backroad Tours in the future!

Misty C.

We had a great time at Graceland. Kelley was amazing and patient. She is a new tour guide but you can tell she cares about us enjoying our time. She stayed on schedule and we got home within fifteen minutes of the stated return time. That can't be easy with 40 people. The bus and driver was great too. Very clean and professional. We are already booked for two more trips. Looking forward to it. Thanks.

Cathy T.

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